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Crude Medicine


Product Name Korean red ginseng root

This 6 year-good-quality ginsengs strictly collected, are steamed, moistened, dried, pressed and packed.
The great effective goods can be kept for more than 10years. The goods leveled in 3 grades 1st grade-Chen (means heaven), 2nd grade-Gi(means earth), 3rd grade-Yang(means good)
Characteristics 1) Vigor restoration 2) Increasing immunity 3) Tonic & Robustness
IngredientKorea red ginseng 100%
Dosage * For short-term therapeutic intake : 50-60g
* For long-term intake as conservative agent : 12-20g "
How to take
"Put red ginseng as show above into a pot with 0.9L water, 3 jujubes and 3g ginger, and boil"
"them until the water reduced to third of the initial in quantity. "
"Drink it 2~3times a day. For children under 15, give half the adult dosage. "
Product NameKorean red ginseng root
Type of products Dried root
Package Materials
Inner package : Nylon(face) + PE(outer)
Outer package : wood box, Can Unit Packing
1) 37.5g (1.32 oz)
2) 75g(2.65 oz)
3) 150g(5.30 oz)
4) 300g(10.58 oz)
5) 600g (21.16
1) 37.5g : 4.0*7.0*15.5cm
2) 75g : 9.0*3.5*17.5cm
3) 150g : 11*4.5.0*21cm
4) 300g : 11.5*5.0*24cm
5) 600g : 13*6.5*30cm

Pcs/Carton -
N.W. -
G.W. -
1x20'Container1) 30,000 2)25,000 3)12,000 4)10,000 5)5,000
Expiry Date10 years
Delivery Leadtime 35days after order confirm
M.O.Q.500 EA
Manufacturer Hongdsam.Com.,Ltd.
OriginSouth Korea
Sales PermissionNo. 2004-0137-004
Price Please contact overseas sales department for more information.